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Preroll X Times and switch high/low

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Preroll X Times and switch high/low
« on: May 09, 2019, 07:28:21 pm »
Hello guys and girls,

my name ist Andreas im new here. Im to dumb to code the bot for following:

Thats what i always got in advanced mode: Preroll X times with baseamount 0.00000000 . When X losses in a row change bet to 0.00001000 after 1 win set baseamount back to 0.00000000 when losses multiplier by 100% for max. 5 times stop/reset conditions after X losses in a row.

And now it becomes hard, i want that he can switch high/low after X wins and X losses with the correct bet ammount.

For example: 45=win 40=win 38=win 37=win 35=win now switch to high....

Can anybody help me with my problem?

Thanks in advance!  :)