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Kry Games Bot & NitroDice

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Kry Games Bot & NitroDice
« on: July 26, 2021, 05:22:56 am »
why there is no stable version of KryGamesBot it has been over 2 years the project has started.

remove the nitrodice support it has been taken down by the admin claiming it is hacked lol.
meanwhile they have had stolen a lot of crypto past few years from the custom virtual dicebot.

well hoping for the KryGamesBot update, all other new dicebot on the internet are coming but some of them are a bit suspicious and some are paid.
so waiting for a good update with faster betting speed support on all sites. if possible add new sites please and fill the site with bunch of ads so you get paid regularly.
I am ok if you add insane pop up ads for stable version of web-seuntjie-dicebot. At least the bets will be faster and more website support.

DiceBot website homepage not loading i had to enter through download page.
also the last dicebot update zip file and the exe is flagged virus on virustotal.com what is the reason?
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