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"Please slow down" Question and report / betting stucks

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"Please slow down" Question and report / betting stucks
« on: April 20, 2021, 01:52:40 pm »
Dear Seuntjie , dear all, I have got a question an an additional report about what I've done to solve the problem:
The last 3 weeks an error occurs, which is not mandantory belonging to the Dicebot app.
The message "please slow down" (Dicebot programmer mode) comes up in the status line , betting stops and cannot be restarted.

My question is: What exactly let dicebot show this message?

And now what I found out: Some german providers are blocking betsites like primedice, stake ect.
I switch to NORDVPN and the problem was teporarely solved but no need to be happy, it came up again.

I switched from wireless to cable connection, which didnot solve the problem, but betting speed increase dramatically .
I stopped Windows (10) defender completely an this helped me to run a bet via hours. But, the problem is still there.

I have to chance then the VPN connection (country) and I may run again for minutes, evt. for hours.

If anyone has an idea, it is really appreciated. I think, there must be something to improve with general network settings on a pc/laptop, to solve this problem, but this is just a guest.

Best regards, PastorStolz



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Re: "Please slow down" Question and report / betting stucks
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2021, 07:15:01 am »
hey, i got the same issure.
no matter what script, or autobet or anything else, primedice and stake seem to be broken.
after some bets it always say "slow down"

since every other Dicesite works for me - i guess primedice changed something in the API or else :/
i dont guess it will be fixed soon....



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Re: "Please slow down" Question and report / betting stucks
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2021, 10:03:15 am »
Primedice and Stake has rate limits, that error you're seeing comes directly from the site. Meaning you can only make x amount of requests to the site in a certain time interval before they start blocking requests. As I've mentioned before in several threads, you work around this by:

Closing the site in your browser (just having it open can cause the error. If you're chatting and/or betting while the bot is running, it also induces the error. Even if you're using different accounts).
Running only 1 bot from your IP
setting the bot speed setting in the advanced mode to a value that works for you (I've found around 1 bet/s to work well, you might find a bit higher or lower works for you). The bot speed setting is applied even when using the programmer mode.