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On Insufficient Balance bot Stops . But Restarts As Soon as U deposit Coin

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Guys Rece.ntly My friend lost 0.1 btc  . in Stake .    He was rolling with dice  bot and lost  due to some continouus red streak .   that times his largest bet was  0.0008192  .    The bot stopped  due  to lack of balance .  then he went for  deposit . 0.15  btc from his wallet    As soon as deposit came in The bot started again  and within   Next 6 bets  he lost  0.1 btc  .

  " What i like to Say is "  .  When bot Stops due to insufficient balance . It Should  Totaly . Stop .   If i depo again  the same coin , unless i Start  it the bot must not start .



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The bot behaves this way by popular demand. Many many people seems to like to run the bot on a VPS and monitor it from the site and want it to automatically resume when they deposit.

This should be a setting but because of reasons I can't do that for v3 at the moment. How the bot behaves in these situations will be a setting in v4 though.

As a rule of thumb, if DiceBot doesn't say "Stopped" with a reason in the status bar at the bottom, it's not stopped and it will continue betting when it can.