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Parrondo's paradox Strategy

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Parrondo's paradox Strategy
« on: April 14, 2020, 04:58:06 am »
I'm curious if anyone has attempted to make a script using Parrondo's paradox. Here's a link to the wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parrondo%27s_paradox for those who may be unfamiliar with this concept. I was researching it's practical applications in betting and came across this thread https://www.rouletteforum.cc/index.php?topic=8672.0 providing an overview of a method for use in Roulette. In theory, it sounds more practical in long-term betting than any martingale variation, but I'm not sure if/how it can be applied to dice betting. I have yet to find anyone who's attempted to apply it to a script. If anyone has any input, I'd super appreciate it..



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Re: Parrondo's paradox Strategy
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2020, 04:17:23 pm »
The concept is easy enough to carry over to dice, but from that rouletteforum post, the biggest problem translating into dice is the multiple games to a single bet (b2 from forum post): Betting on red (which has a 47.4% chance to win) and even at the same time (also 47.4% chance to win).

Lose both: (bet 20, lose 20, win 0) -20 profit
Win one but lose the other: (bet 20, lose 10, win 10) 0 profit
Win both: (bet 20, win 20, lose 0) 20 profit

This can't be done in dice unless you make 2 distinct bets. With b1, you can reduce the 4 wagers into a single bet. your odds of hitting any one of the 4 numbers are 4/37=10.81% so play at that chance. alternatively you can chase the same payout which will have a better chance for dice games (you can only win 1 of the 4, so if you bet 4 total, one wins and returns 35x, thus you make 31 profit and a payout of 8x ~ 12.375% chance to win)

If we assume that you split b2 into 2 bets and keep b1 as a single bet, the process can be broken up into:

is it the first or second bet of a sequence?
 -bet 10 low at 49.5%
 -increment bet sequence number

was the previous bet the first part of b2
 -bet 10 on 49.5% high
 -increment bet sequence number

is it the third or 4th bet of a sequence and is your balance%3==0)
 -mark that it's the first bet of b2
 -bet 10 on 49.5% low
 -mark that it's not the first bet of b2

is it the 3rdor 4th bet of a sequence and is your balance%3!=0)
 -bet 8 at 12.357% chance to win
 -increment bet sequence number

reset bet sequence if over 4

Now put that into code and let us know how it goes