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Programmer Mode / append to file does not work
« on: October 17, 2020, 08:44:47 pm »
Hello all,
i need append mode in file open.
I google for about 30 hours, i tray all, i read all documentation of lua 5.1 and also new one 5.5+, i also read stack overflow...


That works;
function zapisidatoteko()
local file = io.open("test.txt", "w")

That works;
function prebere()
local file = io.open("1.txt", "r")
-- closes the open file

That does not work, tray all combinations, old lua syntaks new lua, same, does not work..

-- Opens a file in append mode
file = io.open("test.lua", "a")

-- appends a word test to the last line of the file

-- closes the open file

Got error:
[string "chunk"]:37: attempt to index local 'file' (a nil value)

Please help me. I am desperate. Thank you!

Programmer Mode / random error on array
« on: November 19, 2019, 11:27:06 am »

i think i found bug, the array "lost" initialization/ value randomly.

tested many times, array size is correct! The input value is correct...
Get error randomly..

Right now i do not know what to do next. I am not professional programmer. Asking for help, or learning Python from zero and create my own bot.

Thank you gain Seuntjies for your gret work!

This bug i think is already known it's about decimals, but if i play on very high odds it's a game changer.
For example if i do alot of simulation bets i get dome profit (because wrong interpretation) in real life losing ..

Is there a way to set limits by self? Example if chance is 0.04. Then set won if >=99.60 not  >99.95  (because of decimals) .. I can fix this in program (set all conditions won lost by myself), but then i can't use any predefined variables like currentstreak, ...
I can post print screen, but i think is not needed.

DiceBot General Discussion / Performance dicebot simulation
« on: June 26, 2019, 07:24:11 am »
First of all, thank you Seuntjie for great work on dice bot. I am very grateful for your community contribution.

I am quite new to Lua programing, but it is really very simple and i have no problems at all. I have problems with time which needed for simulation, i notice that simulation use only one CPU core. Yes i open 4 instances of program and run 4 different simulations at once. But i am asking if it is possible to use more CPU cores at once for one simulation? Memory nowadays is not a problem, maybe will be great if there will be option to use more memory, now single program which i tested use only up to 25 MB of memory. If simulation will be much faster i am prepare to give the program 4GB or more memory.. I ran some simulations more then week 24/7.

Once again Thank You for great work!!!

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