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I run the Dicebot on a VPS and only the dicebot. My dicebot is running slow on VPS. I contacted the VPS technical service who told me my CPU usage is 100% mainly used by Hyper-v server 2016, which is not something that is part of the VPS, so it has been installed by the user.

I did not install it, so could it be dicebot who did ?



i have no idea which file you suggeste to rename, cant find this extension in my directory

"Try renaming you dicebot.Db file and restart the bot"

cant save, and I noticed it is running slow.

why I cant save I dont know it says no space available.

in fact I cannot save the script anymore, it tells me no more space available which is surprising as my VPS is empty, it only has the bot on it and I have may be 25 small scripts save, not a lot.

could it be because the script is not saved that it run slower?

Programmer Mode / Re: Please help me code this idea
« on: April 02, 2021, 07:39:19 am »
i have tested that, when very far away from the equilibrium it should return to the equilibrium, it should work but it does not and I cant explain why.


Running the bot from a VPS, what could be the reason for the bot to have slowed down a lot, the bot itself? the VPS? primedice?

I check in advance mode and the nb of bets per seconds in at the max.


It seems from trying to use SafeBank in my script that it is not a function that will limit the loses in your account to less than that SafeBank, I mean if by mistake you make a large bet, as long as your balance is still bigger than the bet, it will be executed.

Is there a kind of SafeBank that make the bot believe the SafeBank is the account balance and that will  stop betting as soon as the bet size is bigger than that "SafeBank" ?


OK, i've figured this out.  Is there a way to flag this topic as SOLVED?

SafeBank          = balance-0.006
squirreled          = balance-SafeBank

before the dobet()

Then referred to SafeBank instead of balance in the dobet() function.  This is great for testing without having to worry about bottoming out.

Are you updating your SafeBank value as you make bets? If you don't, it will just stay the same while your balance goes up and down.

Programmer Mode / Re: avoiding a long serie of similar lines
« on: November 29, 2020, 02:55:11 pm »
thanks you for the link, I did not know it was called array.

I tried the simplest one

b = {}
    for i = 1,200 do
        b[ i ] = 1
  and I receives the following error in the console : Attempt to compare with nil ??


Programmer Mode / Re: avoiding a long serie of similar lines
« on: November 26, 2020, 07:33:27 pm »
What are yo trying to achieve?

too long to explain here but trying to avoid to write by hand too many line of code, for example for the following

B13  = B12
B12  = B11
B11  = B10
B10  = B9
B9   = B8
B8   = B7
B7   = B6
B6   = B5
B5   = B4
B4   = B3
B3   = B2
B2   = B1

Programmer Mode / avoiding a long serie of similar lines
« on: November 26, 2020, 04:28:48 pm »
I am trying to escape from writing by hand a long number of similar lines like
Bet1 = 0;
Bet2 = 0;
Bet100 = 0;

using the equivalent of

for i=1 to 100
Beti = 0


for i=1 to 100
Bet(i) = 0

any proposal?


Programmer Mode / and many consecutive "and" can I write in a script
« on: November 26, 2020, 01:16:23 pm »
if (N>400) and (A<1) and (B<1) and (C<1) and (D<5) then

is there a limit to the "and" in the first line ??


Programmer Mode / withdraw to the vault
« on: November 13, 2020, 03:37:29 pm »
I found the function withdraw but to a crypto address, what about withdrawing from betting account to the primedice vault?


Programmer Mode / how to create a subroutine and goto it
« on: November 11, 2020, 08:28:57 am »
how to create a subroutine and then like in basic language
goto a subroutine

then when the subroutine is executed;
return to the line in the script.


I have search in existing scripts and tutorial but could not find the answer.

I would like to record the value of the roll at each bet and assign it to a variable


Even if I use exclusively Dicebot and API to Log-in, they still know from where dicebot runs?

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