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Title: Faster betting speeds [SUGGESTION]
Post by: Midge on March 25, 2021, 07:21:06 pm
On (which is the only site I use), I was able to open up multiple windows of dice and run the automation tool. Every time I opened up a new window, I could run another instance of dice. I was able to make a profit faster, but I like the dicebot tool better than the integrated automation tool.
I was wondering if the same concept could be used in dicebot to make betting faster. You would also be able to set the number of extra instances open (and possibly an estimate of bets per minute).
Title: Re: Faster betting speeds [SUGGESTION]
Post by: COBIDEK282 on March 30, 2021, 03:12:20 pm
Create copy of DiceBot folder then run DiceBot.exe from each folder. Go to Windows Task Manager > Select DiceBot.exe > Options > Go to Details > Select DiceBot.exe > Options > Set priority > Realtime. There you go!  8)

I would be happy to see KryGamesBot simulation feature in DiceBot until the Doormat official version arrives it will take years to happen or never... so that would be great to have implemented in DiceBot till then.  :'(