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Title: d'Alembert issue
Post by: quakelive on July 24, 2019, 01:55:56 pm
hi, there are some limits in d'Alembert method
1st and most important "stretch loses by" is limited to 100; it should be unlimited or at least 10000 to cover 0.01 game.
2nd, "increment by" is also limited to 1 satoshi minimum. 0.00000001 (7 zeros and 1), if it's possible to make it accept more decimals 0.000000000001 (11 zeros and 1) or 10. even though site will not accept more, but at least on the long run it'll change "on time" to a number that is acceptable like 0.00000002.
example of this.
chance 0.01
starting bet: 0.00000001
increment on loss : 0.000000000001
increment on win : -0.00000001
this will face a problem that on win bet amount might be 0 on sites as less decimals will not count. here you can add a check box option to "keep minimum bet" or keep 0.00000001 as starting bet and ignore if less.

i don't see how d'Alemebert is a useful method without above. otherwise low chance strategies won't work on low amount.

one more thing: what is the smallest number on a roulette table? i always stuck on this question and leave forum coz of it.
Title: Re: d'Alembert issue
Post by: Seuntjie on July 24, 2019, 02:14:17 pm
Most of this can be solved using the programmer mode.

I can't accommodate every strategy or whim in the advanced mode, that's why I made the programmer mode for. I don't mind increasing the maximum for stretching wins or losses, but I'll have to think about reducing the minimum increment and what it could effect.

Also, just because you don't see something as useful doesn't mean it' not useful to anyone else. I don't enjoy gambling but yet here I am catering to a lot of gamblers.

Smallest number on a roulette table is 0.
Title: Re: d'Alembert issue and suggestion
Post by: quakelive on August 02, 2019, 12:35:28 pm
maximum stretching in win or loss is till 100 max in the last version

i have another suggestion for d'alembert,
current version works like this:
starting bet: 10
 increment on loss 1
increment on win -1
after 1 loss bet becomes 11 or after 1 win bet stays 10. (coz minus increment is not going below starting bet). 
my suggestion is to have a check box to activate and deactivate minimum bet, and one entry input box to enter the minimum bet,  and when activated, on above example after 1 win bet should be 9 and not fixed to starting bet. and if minimum bet box has for example 1, then 1 will be considered as minimum, and if it's 0, program will stop if if bet reached 0 or lower.

thanks in advance.